Syllabus for Teacher Education Courses

Syllabus for Teacher Education Courses

Instructor: F.‎ Haghighi


  • Familiarity with the principles of language teaching;‎
  • Integrating the basic principles of teaching in a language classroom with practical teaching;‎
  • Helping teachers to run successful language classes according to different levels of the TOP NOTCH textbooks.‎



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  • Would- be teachers are required to read the materials in advance.‎ They should be prepared to discuss the selected topics in the classroom.‎


  • Would- be teachers are required to observe 5 full real English classes and 5 video clips and report the details of the classrooms according to the instructor's guidelines and a preplanned schedule by the end of the course.‎ The submission date is the Demo session.‎
  • The report of the classroom observations will be regarded as 30% of the final score.‎


  • Would- be teachers will start teaching real classes after successfully passing the requirements of the course: Class participation + Observation reports + Demo.‎